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Marine clock

Henry Browne and co


A lovely example

Perfect working order and keeps very good time.

With key

Encased in a wooden plinth so it can stand on a mantle piece maybe or be fixed to a wall.

Chrome case and a white dial in nice condition

Measures 20 cm diameter approximately


Henry Browne & son are renowned for the manufacture of compasses, clocks and scientific instruments.

They supplied instrumentation for Spitfires, Tigermoths, lifeboats etc and in more recent years, instumentation for Concorde. Their trademark is "SESTREL"

This clock has a chromed body with a white dial and black Roman numerals. Finely cut black hands and a subsidiary seconds dial. There is a "Fast-Slow" adjuster to the top of the dial and it is clearly signed "Henry Browne & Son Ltd. Barking & London". Also "Sestrel" Trade Mark. "Made in England".

Henry Browne & sons ships clock