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Antique Persian Baluch rug circa 1900

Antique Persian Baluch rug circa 1900

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Antique Persian Baluch rug circa 1900.

This stunning antique rug is a true collectors piece, with intricate handmade details that showcase the expert craftsmanship of traditional Eastern tribes. The rug features beautiful Tribal motifs that add a touch of history and culture to any room.

Crafted circa 1900, this rug has stood the test of time and remains in excellent shape. The unique Tribal style and rich history of this rug make it a fantastic addition to any collection of antique rugs or home decor. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this stunning piece of history.

Fabulous condition for its age, handwoven on a portable loom by the women of the tribe. These rugs get better and better with age and this is a stunning example.

Super condition two small areas of wear but for its 100 plus years just lovely. The colours are created using plant dyes not synthetic colours so give a beautiful depth and softness you don’t get with a more recent rug.

Instant country house style and one of our favourite rugs we have in stock right now. 

Measures 84 cm x 120 cm made in wool.