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Scandinavian Gotland wool throw rich brown 140 cm x 240 cm

Scandinavian Gotland wool throw rich brown 140 cm x 240 cm

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W: 140cm (55.1")L: 240cm (94.5")


Scandinavian Gotland wool throw 140 cm x 240 cm in rich brown.

These stunning throws are made from 100% Scandinavian wool. They are incredibly luxurious and add a touch of beauty and warmth to a room. Lovely to the touch and  to wrap around yourself during chilly nights. 

Scandinavian wool is a unique natural material that comes from the Gotland sheep. Gotland wool comes from a Swedish breed of sheep that has been herded since the Viking age. These fantastic throw blankets are wonderfully thick and silky to the touch.

 These beautiful shades are selected carefully to be real reflection of the nature around the pastures the sheep graze upon.

Scandinavian wool is perfect for colder climates or chilly days, to use in a humid environment, it can hold lots of moisture without feeling wet. The wool also has antibacterial properties

The production does not use any chemicals in the process.

CARE INFO: hand wash. cool iron, no tumble dry. SIZE: 140 x 240 cm (including tassels).
MATERIALS: 100% Scandinavian wool.
WEIGHT: 350 g/m²