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18th Century Botanical engraving

18th Century Botanical engraving

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Original botanical plate by Pierre Buchoz


French artist Pierre Joseph Buchoz ( 1731-1807) trained as a physician, and later worked as a renowned naturalist. He was physician to many prominent individuals, including the King of Poland, the brother of the King of France & the Duke of Artois. He was an enthusiastic and prolific publisher of botanical works including Herbrier Artificiel, Histoire du Regne Vegetal, Histoire Universelle, Le Jardin dâ Eden & Collections Precieuse et Eluminees des Fleurs. Early on, he recognized the significance of Japanese & Chinese drawing techniques, and was the first to publish drawings by Asian artists, a good century before the passion for the Orient overtook Europe.This is an original hand coloured engraving from 1783. Nice overall condition for its age over two hundred years old.  Measures 30 cm x 19cm plate size.