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Vintage Bronze Statue Of A Gypsy Dancer Art Nouveau Style

Vintage Bronze Statue Of A Gypsy Dancer Art Nouveau Style

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This vintage bronze statue depicts a graceful gypsy dancer in the Art Nouveau style. She stands in the warm sun and poses. She wears only a long skirt that is wrapped neatly around her curves and gathered in the center by a rosebud. 100% bronze and handmade, this brown patina sculpture was cast using the "Lost Wax Method" and mounted on a marble base and is signed Preifs.

Johann Philipp Ferdinand Preiss (1882-1943), known as Ferdinand Preiss, is a German sculptor, one of the main sculptors of the Art Deco period. Born in Erbach, Hesse, he attended schools in Michelstadt and aspired to become an engineer. Both his parents died when he was only 15 years old, he became an apprentice with the ivory sculptor Philipp Willmann. In 1901, he went to Rome and Paris. He became a friend of Arthur Kassler in Baden-Baden, leading him to the founding of the Berlin-based company Preiss & Kassler. Originally, the company created small ivory sculptures depicting children and classically shaped statuettes, often carved from old ivory billiard balls. From 1910, the company specialized in limited edition Art Decosculptures, mixing bronze painted with ivory on onyx and marble bases.

Reproduction in patinated bronze by hand. Sculpture worked and cast in art foundry, made using the so-called lost wax method. Set upon a black marble base.


Height: 35 cm.

Depth: 16 cm.

Width: 16 cm.

Weight: 4.4 kg.

Material: Bronze.

Artistic movements: Contemporary art.

Artist: Johann Philipp Ferdinand Preiss