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Gerard van Spaendonck 1957 Lithograph TULIP

Gerard van Spaendonck 1957 Lithograph TULIP

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Tulipa Gesneriana


About the year 1800 there was published in Paris a folio of flower paintings from the botanical works of Gerard van Spaendonck,Peintre du Roi , master of Redoute and one of the greatest botanical painters of all time. The folio entitled Fleurs dessinees d’apres nature was the only volume ever published . These plates are taken from the original folio.


Printed by KG Lohse of Frankfurt and have been printed in eight colour litho offset.


Gerard van Spaendonck; 1746–1822, born in Tilburg, Holland, was influenced by the masters of Dutch flower painting. He apprenticed in Antwerp with Guillaume-Jacques Herreyns.


Pierre François Le Grand; 1743–1824, French artist and prolific botanical engraver, who produced plates after prominent artists including Cipriani, Le Roy, and Angelica Kauffman. He also contributed numerous images to several notable botanical publications such as Gerard Van Spaëndonck's rare folio Fleurs dessinées d'apres nature.


Printed in England by the Leslie Urquhart press in 1957. The original plates printed in Germany by KG Lohse Frankfurt.


These are the original 1957 plates rare and collectible now in their own right.

The plates are Unframed

30 cm x 46 cm approximately