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"Home from the sea" Oil on board painting.

Code: 10929


W: 44cm (17.3")H: 44cm (17.3")


Oil painting Greek harbour scene.

“Home from the sea”

A fabulous original oil painting on board.

Entitled “ Home from the sea “

A very simple picture but with lots of movement and atmosphere.

We have a simple wooden chair draped with towel or maybe a jacket. It looks like someone has been sitting there and just popped inside or maybe climbed aboard the boat just out of sight? The possibilities are endless and that makes it a really intriguing piece of work.

It’s a calm scene that transports you back to a Greek holiday when the living is easy. Halcyon days by the sea indeed.

Painted on board and framed in a simple wooded frame.

Signed with initials on the chair and boat with HR. Unknown artist.

Framed in a simple wooden white painted frame.

Measures 44cm x 44 cm