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Japanese woodblock print

Japanese woodblock print

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Original Japanese Woodcut By Nisaboro Ito Danjo Bridge.

Nisaburo Ito - Born in 1910 in Kyoto, Nisaburo Ito was interested in promoting the art of the woodblock print and interpreting traditional woodblock images in a 20th century style. His beautiful landscapes and nature subjects captured the attention of those looking to preserve a memory of the classic architecture and natural locales that were quickly modernizing in the mid-20th century. His works are tranquil reminders of the traditional beauty of Japan. His floral subjects are beautiful, large woodblock prints, rendered with lovely attention to detail and lively color. His romantic prints are a wonderful choice to collect or display.

Ito Nisaburo was a painter and printmaker from the Kyoto area. He made designs of landscapes, famous views in the Kyoto area and of flowers and birds for the publisher Uchida.

Nisaburo Ito was a student of Tsuchida Bakusen at the Kyoto City Specialist School of Painting.

This is an original woodcut circa 1960. Beautiful vibrant colours showing a last on the Danjo Bridge, Japan’s oldest iron bridge.