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Felix Fernandez Torrado Oil On Canvas.

Felix Fernandez Torrado Oil On Canvas.

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Felix Fernandez Torrado Oil On Canvas.

A stunning original oil on canvas by this incredible Spanish artist.

Torrado began his studies when he was very young at the hands of the teacher and director Adelardo Covarsí of the Badajoz museum in Spain. 

Later, he enrolled at the Complutense School of Fine Arts in Madrid to obtain the title of Professor of Drawing, which he obtained with excellent marks. 

In Madrid and with the help of the painter Eugenio Hermoso, he entered the world of landscape painting.

A great observer of nature and in constant contact with it due to his love of hunting he knew how to take advantage of it and capture the scenes in the majestic large-format landscapes that characterise his work.  

The attention to detailing is stunning!

He understood Nature by observing it right down to the smallest detail, even in the rocks, where no detail escapes him, the tree trunk and moss growing on them is captured in brilliant life like detail.

His work also includes portraits and figures of his time, but without a doubt it was his landscapes that made him a well known artist in his native Spain.

Super condition in its original frame mid 20th Century. Some watermarks to the original mid 20th century frame.

80 cm x 65 cm canvas size.