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Clyde Aspevig ltd edition artagraph still life white carnations.

Clyde Aspevig ltd edition artagraph still life white carnations.

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W: 88cm (34.6")H: 81cm (31.9")


Clyde Aspevig Ltd edition Artagraph still life carnations oil painting on canvas.

Clyde Aspevig is an American painter known for his loose, realistic depictions of the vast, open landscapes of Wyoming and Montana. Inspired by the works of Winslow Homer, John Singer Sargent, and Anders Zorn, Aspevig simplifies forms and focuses on light and form.

His work is highly collectible and features in many private and gallery collections around the world.

This is a stunning Artagraph Ltd edition 450/1000. This technique faithfully reproduces the artists original including brush strokes and texture to make an exact copy of the original. It is used by Museums around the world to make replica art work for display in galleries. These ltd editions are increasing collectible in their own right. His original oils sell for several thousand and are highly pirzed. This is a super way to have a piece of his art in your own home for a fraction of the price.

Superb condition and in the original frame it’s ready to hang.

Measures 88 cm x 81 cm approximately.